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Title:  First time at an NFL game
Description:  My son got me tickets to my first NFL game to see my all time favorite Chiefs. So me and my sister went to the game right after my birthday!! It rained and rained for days on end and we went and it poured the whole game and all the way there and all the way home. BEST time ever!!!
From:  onlytoni83

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Title:  Danger Man
Description:  constricting opponets
From:  Avatar for DangerManDangerMan
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Title:  Go Chiefs !!!
Description:  Together we can win it all.
From:  Avatar for Daddy ODaddy O
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Title:  Mike and Becci Go Chiefs!
Description:  She is a Missouri gal who went to KC games at Arrowhead Stadium. Until her family moved to Minnesota and we used to pile on the winter gear and watch the Vikings outside at Metropolitan Stadium. That stadium space now occupied by the Mall of America. So we alternate Chiefs and Vikings and never mention the name Hank Stram or use the word "matriculating". :)
From:  iythinman